Short Films (2019) / Director, Writer

Director + Co-Writer on Story 1; Writer on Story 3

Human trafficking is a global stain on our human nature but what many people don't realize is that this underground industry is very much present in the United States and in our own state of Tennessee. For that reason, StoryGive has partnered with End Slavery TN to harness the power of story to bring a deeper awareness of human trafficking, the many types that this form of slavery embodies, and to move people to respond. This year we told three 2 minute stories, all centered around the moment of betrayal… the common thread among all the forms of trafficking.

StoryGive is a movement made up of film and video creatives who desire to give of their artistry and skill to craft a story for voices rarely heard. Administered by the Nashville Filmmakers Guild, StoryGive takes place in a single weekend, two days, where teams of creatives set out to capture and produce a story for another non-profit in the Nashville community. Go to http://storygive.com to learn more.


Storygive is one of my favorite projects; it's so innovative. It involves a huge team of skilled people doing what they love and what they do as a profession completely for free for a local non-profit. It directly helps our community. And it's a direct way to bring the filmmaking community together to learn, grow, collaborate, create friendships and relationships. There are so many positives to this project. This year's was exceedingly emotional to work on. As a writer and director on the project, it was very difficult to go into this world. But it is a real world. It happens every two minutes of every day. Although this film can be difficult to watch, our hope is that will open eyes to this subject matter and issue. Our hope is that it will change lives in some small way. Huge props to End Slavery Tennessee and other foundations and non-profits who work on this issue day by day.


Behind the Scenes

Key Crew

Producer - Max Butler
Executive Producer - Bobby Marko
Casting Director - Karen Keeley
Production Coordinator - Gabe Ford
Location Coordinator - Sydney Lunn
Supervising Editor - Lori Petersen Waite
Post Production Coordinator - Scott Simmons
Colorist - Jimmy Cadenas
Sound Design and Mixing - Cody Twitchell
Music and Score by - Dave Lagrande and Naoise Sheridan
Writers - Bobby Marko, Amanda Young, and Jeff Phillips

Story 1

Jenn - Lestonja Diaz
Aaron - Brandon Lee W
The John - Robb Way

Unit Production Manager - Christina Cooper
Director - Amanda Young
Assistant Director - Corey Rich
Production Assistant - April Bailey
Director of Photography - Nyk Allen
Camera Operator - Thomas Wolf
1st Assistant Camera - Athena Kulb
2nd Assistant Camera - Timothy Weaver
DIT - Braden Winfree
Boom Operator - Alonso Cacho
Gaffer - Jeffery Gordon
Key Grip - Zach Carpenter
Grip - Jonathan Key
Grip - Alden Allen
Hair and Makeup - Meg Boes
Editor - Katherine Patronis

Story 2

Tomas - AJ Rivera
Mr. Howler - Jeff Armstrong
Jorge - Rolando Madrigal
Trafficked Boy 1 - Endy Tenorio
Trafficked Boy 1 - Seth Bennett

Unit Production Manager - Anna Riggins
Director - Elizabeth Olmstead
Assistant Director - Les Gibson
Production Assistant - Tom Portillo
Director of Photography - John Matysiak
1st Camera Assistant - CK Cates
2nd Camera Assistant - Jeff Dycus
DIT - Braden Winfree
Boom Operator - Mike Corl
Gaffer - Tyler Buchholz
Key Grip - BJ Hyman
Production Design - Elise Lacret
Hair and Makeup - Kim Murray
Still Photographer - Lisa Wright
Editor - John Paul Penrod

Story 3

Erica - Ayla Williams
Michelle - Faith Murphy
Rich - Kevin Burnes
Daniel - Moses Williams

Unit Production Manager - Liz Johnson (Adcock)
Director - Dave Ogle 
Assistant Director - Kyler Wilson
Production Assistant - Ramona Wilkes
Production Assistant - Nathan Davis
Director of Photography - Justin Hughes
1st Assistant Camera - JT Sumner
2nd Assistant Camera - Brian Grant
Boom Operator - Bob Daniel
Gaffer - Brian Skinner
Key Grip - Nancie Kang 
Production Design - Ashley Amezcua
Art Assistant - Natalie Ruffino
Hair and Makeup - Victoria Graham
Still Photographer - Robert Way
Editor - Tim Wiencek