Cry Pretty 360 Tour (2019) / BTS Photo & Video

Carrie Underwood hit the road for her Cry Pretty Tour 360 and I went along as the tour's photographer and videographer. My work was used for social media and news outlets. Early in my career, I had worked extensively in behind-the-scenes video and photography and was happy to revive that role by spending two months on the Cry Pretty Tour 360.



Some of my work has been featured on People Country's Exclusive UK Tour Diary.


I think documentary work, whether film, video, or photography, has so much of an element of sports to it. What I loved about playing sports growing up was the discipline and practice you put in and how that trains your mind and your muscle memory for game day. The more you practice, the more your body and mind knows exactly how to do something and at exactly what moment. In sports, either you make the shot or you don’t. Documentary photo and video are the same way to me - either you get the shot or you don’t. It’s a space where I find myself truly living in the moment. I think it’s the reason why, despite my love for narrative and scripted and planned projects, I’ll always come back to documentary in some form or another. Spending time on the road shooting an amazing show like the #cryprettytour360 definitely revived my love for the art of documentary and live work. Either you get the shot or you don’t.