Short Film (2017) / Co~Director

A day in the life of Lewis, a man seeking a new hope and future… a freedom many of us forget we have. Lewis' Story is a StoryGive project produced by the Nashville Filmmakers Guild for the non profit organization Project Return. Project Return is solely dedicated to the successful new beginnings of people who are returning to our community after incarceration. They provide the resources and services needed to gain employment and build full and free lives. StoryGive is a movement made up of film and video creatives who desire to give of their artistry and skill to craft a story for voices rarely heard. Administered by the Nashville Filmmakers Guild, StoryGive takes place in a single weekend, two days, where teams of creatives set out to capture and produce a story for another non-profit in the Nashville community. Go to http://storygive.com to learn more.


Behind the Scenes


Alden Allen, Ashley Amezcua, Madison Braun, Andy Burchett, Agustin Chiper, Grant Claire, Jarad Clement, Jason Code, Lizzy Davis, Caleb Dixon, Gabe Ford, Phillip Haas, Sarah Haas, Meghan Johann, Karen Keeley, Dave LaGrande, Aaron Alfrey Mandlak, Bobby Marko, Sandrene Mathews, Samuel McDonough, Logan "Loki" Michael, Joshua Moody, John Paul Penrod, Naoise Sheridan, Scott Simmons, Nathan Thompson, Matt Tidwell, Lori Waite, Robert Way, Braden Winfree, Elizabeth Wolf, Trey Ziegler